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Many people throughout Colorado lack access to items and services that many of us take for granted.  Through standard grant projects, communities gain access to education, technology, health care, safe places for children to play and many other life-changing improvements.  Standard grants involve indentifying what is needed most for a community, and making it a life-changing reality.

Providing matching funds, standard grants for humanitarian projects are the most common type of grant awarded.  Projects must serve the people and must be beyond the scope of traditional club fundraising activities. Standard grants generally provide capital funding for equipment and infrastructure needs.  Typical projects include the Colorado Lions Camp, hospices, blind and disabled centers, eye clinics.

Mission Statement & Funding Priorities

Standard Grants provide capital funding to help establish or expand Lions-initiated service projects that address critical and diverse human & social needs around the state.  Funding is prioritized for the equipment and infrastructure needs of such project.  All grant proposals should meet one or more CLF traditional funding concerns: humanitarian services, aid for people who are blind and disabled, and the Colorado Lion's Camp.

Humanitarian Services

Grants awarded in this area target critical health & human service needs not adequately addressed by local & state governments and other funding sources, and other projects consistent with Lions' humanitarian work.  Grants are not available for individuals.

Eligible Projects

It should address an important humanitarian need.  Supports efforts too large for one club to undertake.  Provides long term benefits.  Involves Lions hand on activities, and identifies lions closely with project.

Non-Eligible Projects

Start-up facilities, individual assistance, and situations more appropriately funded by the government or other institutions.   Operating or administrative expenses.  Grants intended to repay loans or establish reserves, including endowments.  Community beautification projects: parks, swimming pools, playgrounds, monuments, memorials, gardens and athletic fields.  Scientific research, construction of residential housing, purchasing of land or buildings, lions club meeting facilities, salaries, stipends, scholarships, or honorariums.  Community centers/multi purpose facilities.  Projects lacking Lions identity and involvement.

Standard Grant Criteria

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