Emergency Grant


The objective of the Emergency Grant Program is to provide immediate emergency relief assistance to victims of natural disasters through the service of Colorado Lions Foundation. Emergency grants are available for relief aid in the wake of tornadoes, wild fires, flood or other natural disasters, that have impacted at least 50 people.


Emergency Grants in the amounts up to $5,000 are available to help Lions districts with the distribution of immediate relief aid to victims of serious natural disasters. The money must be used for food, bottled water, clothing, blankets, medicine, medical supplies and toiletries. Emergency grant funds may not be used for non-immediate needs such as shelter, rebuilding facilities, replacing household and personal belongings. The District Governor must submit the request for an emergency grant and provide specific details of the damages sustained within the district to the best of their ability at the time of the request. CLF should receive this request from the District Governor within 30 days of the disaster's occurrence.


  1. Grant requests will be considered for situations evidenced by an urgent need for water, food, clothing, medicinal, medical supplies, blankets and cleaning supplies not available from other agencies. The District Governor will provide a plan of action for a lions-led relief effort that involves local lions in distributing the CLF-funded relief supplies.

  2. All monies received from the CLF Emergency Grant must be used within 45 days of the Grant approval. Any un-used money will be sent back to the CLF after the 45 day span is completed. Appropriate receipts and supporting documentation information will follow within 15 days. Outstanding final reports may delay the application process of subsequent requests.

  3. CLF shall not be the primary relief agency nor shall it seek to duplicate the work of such agencies in their efforts to meet immediate disasters needs, nor attempt to assume responsibilities of government or insurance carriers.

  4. Emergency Grants shall not be given or used to provide direct cash assistance to disaster victims.

  5. Emergency Grant recipients are obligated to use grant funds for the original purpose intended. Detailed grant reports of how the funds were expended will be sent to CLF. At the close of the disaster relief a detailed report of how the funds were expended, along with appropriate receipts and supporting documentation with any un-used funds will be sent to CLF.


  1. What is the extent of the damage, deaths and injuries? How many homes and families were affected or may be affected?

  2. What are the current relief efforts underway by the community, relief agencies and by the lions?

  3. What is the district's plan of action to purchase and distribute immediate relief aid?

  4. What lion will be in charge of the monies, dispersing and reporting to the District Governor?

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