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Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Colorado Lions Foundation's Educational Scholarship Endowment Fund is to provide undergraduate educational scholarship funds to legal citizens within the State of Colorado and MD-6 who may or may not be associated with a Lion, Lioness or Leo. A Lion, Lioness or Lions Club is required to sponsor any applicant for this Scholarship.

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Scholarship Eligibility

To be considered for an Educational Scholarship, an individual must be a Colorado High School graduating senior and accepted for enrollment at an accredited Institution of Higher Learning.

Club Responsibilities for Sponsoring A Scholarship Applicant

  1. Sign applicant's ScholarsMp application.
  2. The reasoning behind signing the application is to form a basis to meet these young people and their parents or to go to the schools and meet the school counselor with the intent of promoting Lionism. This will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and possibly your club to them.
  3. In the event your applicant should receive one of the four scholarships, the Endowment Scholarship Funds asks that the sponsoring Lions Club if possible pay for the student and one parent's meal at the State Convention's Saturday Night Banquet when they receive their certificates.
  4. Endowment Scholarship Fund Trustee would like to recognize your club for its support of the program during this time.
  5. There is no limit as to the number of scholarship applicants a club may sponsor.

Application Requirements

  1. A personal essay of introduction stating your present and future goals in less than 350 words.
  2. In 250 words or less tell how your participation in a community service activity affected you.
  3. A brief description of your work experience and/or community service activities while attending high school.
  4. Briefly describe reasons for applying for this scholarship including, but not limited to financial need and extraordinary circumstances in family finances.
  5. Recommendations from 3 individuals (such as teachers, coaches, clergy, employer, etc.).
  6. List any awards, achievements, sports activities or positions held during high school years.
  7. What other scholarships have you applied for
  8. (Name, Amount and Duration)
  9. What scholarships have you been offered? (Name, Amount and Duration)
  10. High School Transcript (certified copy from high school).
  11. SAT or ACT score.
  12. Signature of Lion Sponsor.
  13. Applications must be typed and signed to be accepted and please no staples.

Dwonload scholarship Application Click Download to download the application. Complete the application, save, print and sign the application and have your Lions Club sponsor sign it.

Mail it to: Barbara Anderson, 13955 Windy Pine Dr., Elbert, CO 80106
For questions, email